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CINEEAST: Journal of East Asian Cinemas

Aims and Scope:



CINEEAST is a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to discussing the history, aesthetics, and criticism of cinema in East Asia (Republic of Korea, North Korea, China, Japan, Mongolia, and Taiwan.) As a newly emerging international forum for scholarship and debate on Asian Cinema, the journal has distinctive objectives as follows:  



 To deepen our understanding of East Asian cinemas, both their contemporary and historical, and their interactions and relations not only with other Asian countries, but also beyond Asia.

 To define not only a geopolitical, but also a cinematic concept of East Asia.

 To understand East Asian cinemas in relation to the under-represented regions of Asia in the study of Asian cinema, such as South and Central Asian cinemas.

 To document and make known the work of artists, researchers, and scholars developing such established critical perspectives on nationalism, post-colonialism, trans-nationalism, globalism, locality, and gender studies.


Submission Guidelines:




We are not only receptive to articles about the aesthetics, criticism, education, and history of cinema and related media of the East Asian region, but also open to the issues of national cinemas, comparative studies of national cinemas, and East Asian cinema in general. All submissions must be of previously unpublished, original material. In the case of translations, submissions must represent the first translation into English, whether previously published in the original language or not. Manuscripts should be emailed to CINEEAST ( Please contact any of the associate editors directly on matters concerning submission.  



 The deadline for each issues
 For Issue 1: December 30th
For Issue 2: June 30th

Language & Length of Articles
■ Articles may follow either American English or British English standards concerning spelling and punctuations.
 Article manuscripts, including notes, should be between 6,000~8,000 words. 


Editor in Chief
Chung, Tae-Soo 
Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea